Thursday, August 19, 2010


So I made pasta last night. Pretty typical. It was awesome though. Delallo's whole grain angel hair.

Aldi three cheese marinara sauce. LOVE Aldi pasta sauces.

Parmesan reggiano cheese, hot sauce, chipotle seasoning, salt, and pepper mixed in the sauce.

Yum! Carbs and cheese!

Ate it. Ate it all.

Another typical happening? The fan is BACK ON THE FLOOR!!!

Here we have the series of ceiling fan events:
- Fan breaks about a month (?) ago
- Landlord comes over and concludes: yep, this fan is broken.
- Contractor comes over few days later and concludes: yep, this fan is broken.
THREE weeks later: - Stupid idiot moron shirtless creepo assistant comes over: "fixes" fan and leaves
- Fan doesn't work/turn on/spin/illuminate
- Landlord comes over: yep, fan doesn't work
- Contractor comes over: yep, this fan was wired wrong. I'm starting over. Fan back to the floor.

Mind you, EVERY single time one of the aforementioned people come over, they are at least three hours late, or simply don't come at all or forget and have to reschedule...the rescheduling usually ending up to be days later. And, their moronic ways and my third shift sleeping patterns do not mix well whatsoever.
I don't even need a stupid ceiling fan! I asked them to just replace it with a light fixture, but no...their stupid Y chromosomes INSIST on making this dang fan work.
Help me.

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