Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Green Monster. Rawr.

After months of reading Iowa Girl Eats and seeing all of her delicious green monster smoothies (original found at greenmonstermovement.com) the green monster urge inside me drove to walmart today and got a blender. I stood in the blender isle for enough time to invent plastic and manufacture a warehouse full of kitchen appliances and finally decided on a single serve blender. It's cute. I had most ingredients to make a green monster except for bananas and spinach, which I also picked up at walmart. I also bought some agave nectar because my wise mother informed me that my sheetz smoothie taste buds couldn't handle the lack of sugar in my smoothies. Psshhh. So, here we have the green monster in its infancy. Almond breeze (almond milk) original flavor, one banana, and a giant spoonful of almond butter.

I blended, then filled the rest of the space up with spinach. Oh, and a few ice cubes and a healthy squirt of agave nectar.

And it is born! You totally can't taste the spinach at all. It was so thick and yummy...and a lot cheaper/healthier than Sheetz. I thought about buying frozen berries and yogurt, but then you couldn't add spinach because it would probably turn brown. I guess that would be a turd monster.

In other food related news, I used some of the fresh dill from Andy's parents' garden to make these tasty dill potatoes. I mixed the dill with margarine, parm cheese, salt, pepper, and the Northwood fire seasoning from the Penzey's spices pack. It was awesome!

Boston in 17 days!! :)


  1. I have been wanting to try the green monster, as well. IGE is an inspiration. "Turd monster"- LOL!! I'm glad you liked the smoothie.

  2. Try it! You'll love it!! Yes, she is definitely an inspiration :)