Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm moving to Boston.

Okay not really...but I would. If PPG called me today and said they had an urgent need for my lab tech skills in Boston, I'd do it.

So Boston was a lot of fun...too much fun. Ridiculously fun.
I flew out Friday afternoon and got there by 2ish. The flight was only about an hour and fifteen minutes long, and I got to watch the Food Network and Travel Channel. The lady next to me and I had fun making fun of all the people around us and making faces at the adorable baby across the isle. 

Liesl met me at the airport, and we eventually made our way to the Harpoon Brewery for a free hour-long beer tasting. It was pretty funny. The beer was awesome, the people were all pretty nice, but the guy talking about the beer was lame. He kept on shhhhing us all and spent about 20-25 minutes of the hour talking about the beer when all we really wanted to do was drink it. Liesl got a growler of UFO white. Yum.
Afterwards, we walked around Boston and it was so nice. The weather was great, and the city is just so pretty. Especially compared to Pittsburgh. We got giant falafels and stuffed grape leaves at the Falafel King and enjoyed some intense people watching (and growler emptying).

Saturday morning we treated ourselves to some breakfast beers (leftover growler) and took the T to the Sam Adams brewery. Due to our breakfast beers and imminent beer tasting, we thought it would be wise to grab some lunch. Ula Cafe is a delicious place right around the corner. We both had the sweet potato sandwich that had avocados, red onion, sprouts, cheese, and a yogurt-tahini-poppy seed dressing. Delicious. The zucchini bread was kickin' too.

We made it to the brewery with time to spare for an awkward picture.

Our tour guide was entertaining and answered all of the inquisitive European woman's odd questions.

The good part. We tried Boston Lager (so much better here than anywhere else I've had it), Summer Ale (also so much better), and Boston Brick Red, which is only served in Boston. Cool!

After the tour, we took the "party trolly" to Doyle's, a nearby bar that gives you the glass if you order a Sam's.

We stood on the back ledge of the trolly...probably dangerous, but quite entertaining.

Hey look, it's the tallest building in Boston!

After a trip to Trader Joe's for some Kennebunkport Blueberry Beer (ohhhh so good), we meandered through Boston some more and made our way to The Barking Crab

Oh hi Liesl!

The Barking Crab was super.
We almost shared the lonely lobster (1.25 lb) and the lonely crab (Jonah) but our dramatic waiter wildly suggested the 1.25 lb lobster and the crab legs. He may have been wacky, but he was definitely right. So yummy!

...and beer...of course. Is anyone seeing a theme here? Food...beer...food...beer...
Sea Dog Blueberry. Hoooly cow it was delicious. So we had a pitcher of it.

We were outside-ish...awesome! Great weather.

Yeah...we ate that.

Weeeee!! Lobster!

We continued seeing the sights of Boston. Old building next to new building!

A house in the North End (Little Italy). I liked the lights on top. This is when we were in line for a cannoli at Mike's Pastry! The line stretched all the way down the street, but it was so worth it.

Yes, three ladies at the bottom right of this picture...I AM taking a picture and you ARE in the shot. Ha.

So here it is...the beauty. Regular filling with chocolate dipped ends. Oh wow...
It was so big. So filling. So delicious.

We continued on sampling different beers at different bars and met some interesting characters along the way. There was also a 99 cent pizza in our lives that night. And for the record, neither Liesl nor I know of any good Jazz clubs to go dancing on a Saturday night. In case you were wondering.

Boston was awesome.


  1. I'm so glad you two had fun! She is quite an amazing tour guide.

  2. All of that stuff looks soooo tasty! The old buildings next to the new ones remind me of Philly. -Em