Monday, August 16, 2010


I'm not even upset that it's Monday - just means I'm one day closer to Boston! Woohoo!!! My weekend was pretty fabulous. Ate a lot of tasty food, tried some new delicious beers at a bar-ish type place in New Kensington, and got to spend a lot of time with Andy. Unfortunately my weekend ended yesterday with a terribly awkward experience of two men fixing my ceiling fan. It was not fun. They were quite rude. My landlord is going to get an angry phone call.
So I ended up making Pioneer Woman's Firecracker Shrimp. So delicious! I added soy sauce to mine, and when the shrimpies were done cooking, I deglazed the pan with lemon juice. Amazing!

On Friday, Andy and I went to a place called Zottola's which was about 20 minutes away. We got to sit outside, and the weather was just perfect. We ordered mussels as an appetizer, and they were just too good. The waitress said that people often ask for spoons to scoop the sauce into mouth, and I almost asked for one...almost.

Andy took me to Dick's Sporting Goods to pick out a bat, shown below. He says it's a "big man little man equalizer" in case of intruders. So now I have a pink and purple softball bat to knock strangers over the head. Pretty sweet.

Elmo likes it.