Saturday, August 7, 2010

Looks Gross, Tastes Good.

These two gems of late fall into the "looks gross, tastes good" category. Because they, well...look like poo and taste like WOO!

This is the green monster's cousin the turd monster. He's a little sensitive about his looks but is quite tasty and very nutritious. Ingredients: two handfuls blueberries, one peach, one cup almond milk, ice. Easy! I wanted to use yogurt, but I had none!

This is more of a look gross, tastes AMAZING meal. My mom sent me a recipe for Pea Avocado Penne that looked sooo tasty, so I tried it myself.
My adaptation has: two servings whole wheat penne, one avocado (mash up in the pan), a few chunks of goat cheese, a couple dollops of butter or marg, a few sprinklings of parm, salt, pepper, and the Northwood Fire seasoning.
Ugghhh my belly is so happy and I can't wait to have the second half at work! :) :) 

Speaking of ugly, how does one start a petition to deny semi-trucks the right to use their jake-brake in one's town? I can hear them BRRRRRBRRRRRRing from the main road and it's driving me batty. Help!

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  1. As your lawyer-reader, I'll get on it.

    I love that you use the term "jake brake."

    I said that once in Akron and got so many perplexed looks.