Friday, August 6, 2010

Iron Man.

I tried calling Andy a couple times after I woke up yesterday, then I gave up assuming he was doing important Andy-things. After a while, I got a call from Andy and he said, "hey...can you let me in?" Woohoo a surprise from Andy! So I opened the door, and with a giddy look on his face, he said, "I wanna do the hoagie challenge!"
There's a deli right around the corner from me that has amazing food, but they also have a GIANT sub that if you eat it all, you get your picture on the wall. See below. He's been wanting to do this for a while, and apparently his stomach said, "body, today's the day." So he drove to my apartment.

We walked to the deli, Andy ordered, and he waited anxiously.

And it arrived!! Look how huge this freakin sub is! (And look how ridiculously happy Andy looks).
It has everything on it including fried cheese sticks, hot sausage, peppers, and onions.

He takes his first bite and chats with the owner.

So meaty, carby, and caloric. Andy's heaven. Mine too...minus the meat part.

He trucked through the first half and was on to the second half before we knew it! You know how on Man vs. Food how they always have some loose lady draped over Adam Richmond's shoulder giving him "you can do it" kisses on his cheek? Well that was me yesterday...except I wore shorts and a t-shirt, sat in a chair the whole time, and wouldn't go near his greasy cheek.

And he's done! He ate the whole sub in about 14 minutes. The owner says it usually takes people 30-40 minutes. I'm dating a champion!!

It was a wholesubsome experience. I think he should keep on going back for more. They keep track of how many you eat on the wall of fame. Pretty cool!

P.S. cut your hair Andy.

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