Monday, August 9, 2010

Don't Come Near Me.

Garlic breath alert!'s bad. And it's from this...
I saw a recipe for white bean roasted red pepper dip on Smitten Kitchen the other day, and I knew that it must be made. In  my kitchen. Now.
She used cream cheese, but I used nonfat yogurt instead. It probably made it slightly thinner, but I don't care because it still tasted great.

It has:
One can of cannelini beans (only half the can is shown, I added more later)
Two monster pieces of roasted red pepper from the jar (I was going to make my own roasted red pepper but I was too tired/hungry/lazy)
A few big dollops of nonfat plain yogurt
A big squirt of lemon juice
One humongous clove of garlic (mine was from Andy's backyard which apparently means they're 100x more potent)
Salt, pepper, little bit of hot sauce

Amazing. Flavorful. Zesty. Creamy.
I also enjoyed a glass of 1/2 orange/pineapple/banana juice 1/2 seltzer. Bubbly!

Now stay away for at least a week...and say a little prayer for my coworkers.

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