Monday, August 2, 2010


It is officially official that I will be traveling to Boston in August to see my big! I'm super excited, and I will be expecting two things: Falafel and the Sam Adams brewery tour. Make this happen Liesl.
Airlines are tricky. As I was picking out my seat on the flight, the website said that I had to start over with my search. When I picked my flight again, it was $30 more! What the heck, Jet Blue?? Although, they do have the most leg room, they give you snacks, and they have TVs on the back of every seat...with cable. I hope House Hunters is on when I'm flying.
So, through my entire eventful weekend that took me to Morgantown, Bethany, and Andy's, I only took ONE picture...of a cat butt. Mind you, it's an adorable cat butt which belongs to a sweet kitten named Hootie. We cuddled on Saturday morning.

In other news, my cousin, her husband, and their two kids were in town last night, so I got to have dinner with them. It was really nice to see them and to catch up on everything. Her two kids are so sweet and get along so well together (something very unfamiliar to my childhood). They share a room, and have trouble falling asleep unless the other is there. How sweet is that?? When my sister and I had to share a room, it was a little scarier than that. There was some major hair pulling. To be fair, I did keep a flour filled balloon under my pillow for months that began to stink pretty bad. BUT, whenever we played princess/servant, she was ALWAYS the princess. This meant she read a book on the top bunk while I ran and got her things to eat and drink.

I'm off to my local library to pick out a book. Any good recommendations?

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