Thursday, November 4, 2010

Work "Lunches"

This week I've been slightly...very slightly...more creative with my "lunches" at work (really, what would you call your meal at 3AM?) which have reached outside my Annie Chun's Soup Bowl limit as of late. I just haven't felt like doing much more than throwing microwaved soups in my bag and heading out the door.

Last night I made some brown rice in the rice cooker and added a quarter of a veggie bullion cube in the water. It made the rice so flavorful! When the rice was almost done, I put sliced green peppers in the steam basket.

I definitely overcooked the peppers. Oh well! I added a few cubes of raw tofu to the rice, knowing that they would cook slightly in the microwave later (I should have done the same with the peppers).

I added sriracha, red pepper flakes, and garlic. 
It ended up being great for work...filling, but not too heavy. No one wants to be ridiculously stuffed at 3AM.

Earlier this week, I made pineapple fried rice. I had a bunch of stuff in my fridge (basically everything you see here except for the garlic) that was about to go bad. All together they equaled the perfect ingredients for fried rice!

The only thing I was missing was an egg. It tasted fine without it, but it would have been better with it :) I made a sauce with soy sauce, fish sauce, rice vinegar, peanut sauce, and red pepper flakes.
I cooked the veggies and tofu, then added the rice and sauce. And, my new wok has changed my life! $5 at Ikea!

It was so good! I love pineapple fried rice and how you get the occasional bite of juicy sweetness!

What are your favorite work day lunches?
Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! I am mayyyybe going to Good Taste! Pittsburgh on Saturday, but I can't decide if I should or not. I really would like to see someone take the rind off an 80 pound wheel of parmesan though!


  1. These lunches look great! Some of my best meals have been impromptu dishes thrown together with what is in my fridge!

  2. This looks great Kelly! You MUST go to the Pitts Food thing so you can tell me all about it. Do they have them alot? Maybe you can let me know about earlier and we could go together?

  3. That last comment was written by me - Emily

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