Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Beer Tuesday

Welcome to New Beer Tuesday, where I provide my unprofessional review on the latest new (to me!) beer.

This week's beauty is Dogfish Head Olde School Barleywine.
I'm a huge fan of DFH and was ecstatic when I saw one at House of 1000 Beers in New Kensington (no website :( ) that I haven't tried yet! The brewery's website explains that it is brewed with dates and figs...awesome! At 15% alcohol, this ridiculously strong beer was far from obnoxious potency, though you can definitely feel its warmth. It started out tasting sweet and strong with a little kick of hops, then all of a sudden you get a sour aftertaste.
Its average grade on Beer Advocate is a B+.
 I left the price tag on ($4.00!!!) so you could see how amazingly cheap it was. THAT is why I love living in the Allegheny Valley. I could have easily paid $18.00 for this beer at the Sharp Edge (which is how much I paid for my DFH World Wide Stout last winter...I'm still hurting). Sure, Sharp Edge is fantastic, but damn, it's so cheap up here! If you live in the area, you must check out House of 1000 Beers (formerly 6 and Save). It's worth the drive!

The bottle cap? Awesome. DFH gives its beers different bottle caps based on alcohol content. Gold-ish = 6-9%; Dark pink = 9-12%; Green = 12+%
Did you know that Dogfish Head makes more high alcohol content beers than any other brewery? (I think just in the US)

I don't have any snifters, so we used wine glasses (we could have drank the beer at the shop, too). Andy and I shared the bottle, and it was plenty of beer for the two of us.
Look at that beautiful color! It was a bright glowing orange, which seemed to perfectly match the flavors. 

I hope you enjoyed NBT!


  1. That puts me in the mood for some Made Elf : ) - Em

  2. I can't wait to go to Troegs! I hope they're open that weekend. I've seen it at a couple restaurants/bars but I've been waiting for colder weather :)

  3. What size is the bottle? Regular 12 oz? I never buy beers that aren't in six packs because I'm slightly intimidated by them. And they're never in the refrigerated section, which makes it impossible for me to buy because I only go to the wine/beer store when I'm going to start drinking immediately, so it has to be cold. Maybe I'll try this though; the bottle caps would be nice "rare" additions to my collection.

  4. Yes it's a regular 12 oz. It was also refrigerated. I agree...buying warm beer is annoying.