Monday, November 1, 2010

Farm, Falafel, Fiesta.

I love relaxing weekends where I have nothing to do but think about what fun thing to do next. This weekend was one of those, and Andy and I, along with a few other friends here and there, saw and did a bunch of fun stuff.
We began the weekend at a bar by Andy's with a gin and pineapple. Tasty.

Saturday was great. Andy I went to a farm in the South Hills, and they were having a fall festival. I believe it had been going on for the past few weeks, but we happened to catch the last weekend.
Trax Farms is technically in Finleyville, which is in the middle of nowhere between South Park and Bethel Park. Honestly, it's a pain to get to, but it was worth the drive.
They have a huge section of crafty things, a bakery, a market, a deli, and a wine shop, among other things.

The wine shop sells wine from Arrowhead Wines in Erie. They let us sample some different varieties, and I ended up getting a bottle of the concord because it was on sale for $8. I usually don't like sweet red wines, but it was actually pretty good.

The festival was outside. There was pre-scooped (wtf) pumpkins for sale, hayrides, games, and fair food.

A petting zoo, too.

 And then there were lots and lots of pumpkins and squashes.

Aren't these cool??

And of course Andy with a giant wooden pumpkin. It was obviously a good time.

After we saw everything at the farm, we headed to an amazing restaurant in nearby Bridgeville.
Shouf's Cafe serves Lebanese food and a variety of coffee drinks. I'm so glad we found this place, and I can't wait to go back.

It was so warm and cozy. We were only there for tea and something small to eat, so we sat at the counter.

They serve falafel, but we didn't order any :)
Their menu was fabulous. So much variety at pretty decent prices.

The best thing about Shouf's? They use real Fiestaware! It seemed like they had a variety of every color. I thought it added a lot to the experience, especially in contrast to the warm/brown decor. Love it!

Andy and I shared some baba ghannouj and a plate of olives and feta. Check out their menu... it'll make you drool.

Such a great weekend! More to share later :)
...and I'm off to make some pineapple fried rice...wish me luck!
Anyone else excited for election day? Mostly because those terrible radio and TV ads will finally stop!!


  1. This looks like such a wonderful day! Is there anything better than a fall weekend at the farm?

  2. What an awesome day! My grams entire kitchen is fiesta wear!!

  3. That looks like fun Kelly! PS I get Dad's fiesta wear : )