Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I forgot about New Beer Tuesday! Well anyway, let's pretend it's Tuesday for a moment.

 Tröeg's Flying Mouflan is the star of this week's event.
First of all, this beer rocks. It's like an IPA on Porter steroids. 
Here are the stats from the website:
9.3% Alc; 100-ish IBUs; Available in April (does this mean my beer was old?...we'll call it vintage) and only in 22oz bottles.
“We classify this beer as pushing Nugget Nectar off the side of a cliff. It is bold and intense–think hops dipped in candied sugar and rolled in dark chocolate nibs. Over time, the Flying Mouflan transforms into lush raisin and chocolate overtones as the hops subside and the rich barley flavors come out in the beer.” — John Trogner
 Check out that awesome bottle cap creature! 

I absolutely loved it! It was extremely hoppy, yet warm and nutty.
I've never had a Tröeg's beer I didn't like. After all, the brewery is in my old stomping ground of Harrisburg, PA. The brewery is excellent, if you are ever in the area. They give a great tour, and there is a tasting room and gift shop that you can go to any time. Pretty soon they'll be moving the whole process to Hershey for more space. I'm crossing my fingers for a brewpub!!

Andy and I bought it at the Market District (a grocery store) in Robinson, and drank it in the upstairs cafe. Classy, no? The website recommends drinking it in a snifter...we used paper cups. Seriously...we're so classy.
We sat on comfy couches and stared at people as they ate dinner. Well, they were probably staring at us since we were drinking a 22 out of paper cups.

The cashier said we couldn't purchase beer and drink it there unless we bought food (which was slightly embarrassing). These crispy apples were a good choice! Just sliced, freeze-dried apples. Exactly what it sounds like.

I hope you enjoyed the latest installment of NBT!
Almost the can do it! And, I'm getting a new pair of glasses tomorrow...woooo!


  1. Hi Kelly!
    I'm going on the Troegs tour tomorrow afternoon, I cant wait to get a sampler : )

  2. You are?? During your lunch break? haha.
    I'm jealous. Let's go when I'm home! They'll have MAD ELF!!!! :)

  3. I've never heard of this. I want to go on the Troegs tour! I want to take a road trip of the country and stop at all the breweries along the way. Maybe Food Network would offer me a show... hmm... oh, and I love NBT.

  4. Thanks Lisa :) You definitely need to come to Troegs. The Trogner brothers give the tours. I like your idea for the FN show...but I have to come with you!