Friday, November 19, 2010

Weekend Bits.

 On Saturday, Andy distracted me with food while my car :-( was sitting alone in a mechanic's lot. The outcome of my car ended up being very bad, but we had an awesome time on Saturday!!
We went to the Strip District and after a couple tries at other restaurants, ended up at Bella Notta. This is a pizza and pasta place, and after walking by it so many times in the past, I finally got to try it!

 Bloody Mary extra spicy with gin for me, Bud heavy for him.
Awesome Bloody Mary, but where's my freakin olives/celery/peppers...anything?? The lime was fine, but I like a little breakfast with my drinks.

 I tried to be healthy...or something...and ordered a Caesar salad, but I definitely should have gone with the pizza. There wasn't anything wrong with the salad, it just wasn't too great. They gave me pouched dressing too, which was kind of a let down. BUT, Andy's pizza was amazing! A huge slice, and the crust was fantastic.

We also got garlic toast Italian style, and they pretty much changed my life. So cheesy, slightly crispy, and piping hot.

 We stopped by Trader Joe's on the way back to my place, since I won't be able to grocery shop on my own for a while. Blame my town and its lack of grocery store and public transportation. We picked up these frozen marinated tuna steaks. Two for $6! The marinade was lemony, herby, and buttery. Perfect.

 Andy cooked them up with some TJ's frozen green beans and their brown basmati rice. Awesome dinner!!

Plus some Ritter Sport with hazelnuts for dessert :)

Good things always come out of the bad! Also, walking to work has been pretty fun! Taking the long way and stopping by Sheetz hasn't been so bad either :)

I hope everyone's weekend is great! And, if you have a car to sell, give me a heads up! :)


  1. I am also dissapointed when a bloody mary has no garnish! shame shame!

  2. I never got the sport part in Ritter Sport, do they want to trick athletes into eating it?- Em