Tuesday, November 2, 2010

South Side Sunday

This weekend was the second time that Andy and I have gone to the South Side on a Sunday. It's so much less crowded, and it's really a pretty place to spend time walking around during the day. Way less grody people too...except for the occasional hungover hipster clutching their coffee and parliament light.

We started off at Piper's Pub for brunch. This place is great for brunch and was filled with people watching English football games.

While we waited, I had a much needed bloody Mary. I loved the accessories. It filled me up until our food came.

I ordered the smoked salmon boxty which proved to be an amazing decision. There was a giant mound of salmon on it - almost as much as you would get in a package from the store. The potatoes were good n crispy, and the cucumber dill sauce was an amazing complement to the boxty. YUM.

We then headed to the HofbrÀuhaus. I always love coming here, and it was nice to see it in the daylight :)
The HB is huuuge, has good food (although expensive), and delicious beer. They brew the beer there, and it is actually technically a chain from the original HB in Munich.

We sat on the balcony, which was enclosed and heated.

Then we had a beer. Andy went with the liter, but I went with the half simply because the liter is too heavy. Seriously it weighs a ton!
...and moved on! 

Lastly, we hit up the Double Wide. Love it!

Last time I was there I only got one crappy pic, so here's what it looks like during the day.
The inside isn't bad, and there's a nice outdoor seating area that I definitely prefer when it's warmer.

We had been walking around for about four hours at this point, so we decided to share the tearjerker seitan wings, of course. So crispy and spicy!

That's all for now...if I share any more I'll be late for work!
I hope everyone is enjoying the election progress...exciting!


  1. Is there anything better than a spicy Bloody Mary to start the day? Yours looks fabulous!

  2. Glad you Enjoyed Piper's.... Thanks for the kind words....

  3. That Bloody Mary looks great, I had one last at Dad/Lee's night cause you got me in the mood for them : )