Monday, February 28, 2011

I Cooked A Steak.

 I don’t eat meat. I haven’t since I was 13. Why? Oh, that’s not important (plus sometimes I don’t really know why). I’m not really grossed out by meat. In fact, sometimes I find myself craving a big steak or a crispy buffalo wing. It never lasts long enough to actually go through with it though. I’ve never, however, felt the need to hold a cold piece of bloody ribeye in my hands and massage salt and pepper into it. Ohh the things you do for love.

Andy’s birthday was yesterday (happy birthday Andy!!), so I decided the best thing I could give him (which probably ended up being his favorite present from me) was a steak. Rare. The lady behind the counter at Giant Eagle looked at me like I was crazy when I said it was my first time buying a steak. I also told her I didn’t know how I was going to cook it, but then I lied and told her I had a grill. There was so much pressure!! She told me my best option was “any of these” and basically pointed to every steak there was. I selected the biggest, thickest steak, which was a boneless ribeye. Coincidentally, it’s the same steak that Pioneer Woman uses with her Onion Blue Cheese Sauce recipe that I was going to use, so I was off to the right start!

I called my sister (she and her fiancé are serious meat experts) and she recommended that I cook it in the oven. I was skeptical at first, thinking that I should use my panini grill, but I’m so glad that I took her advice! I stuck the steak in the oven (10 minutes on each side @ 350) and got to work on the sauce.


Ohhh the sauce. The sauce!!!! PW really freaks out about how amazing her recipe is, and she is SO RIGHT! This decadent, rich, thick, mouth-watering sauce is worth every calorie and gram of cholesterol. It’s freakin amazing.

I melted butter in my skillet and tossed in a whole huge sliced onion.


I cooked the onions on medium for about 10 minutes, then kicked it up to high for a minute so they’d get all brown and crispy.


I turned the heat down to low and added in a cup of heavy cream. Ohhhh yeah! After it thickened up a bit, I put in a handful of crumbled blue cheese, plus some salt and pepper. THAT’S IT!! Butter, onion, cream, blue cheese, salt, pepper. OMG. omg. This was amazing.


The steak came out of the oven and sent a few splatters of blood flying as I flipped it to check the other side. At the sight of blood droplets, I figured it was done to Andy’s liking.


I set it nicely on top of the sauce, just like PW did. I also cooked him a baked potato, but it wasn’t done until halfway through his steak. Whoops! As he was cutting into the steak, I noticed it was probably more brown than he would have liked (but he didn’t say anything and said it was great), so next time I’ll probably do each side for 8 minutes.


  Here is my humble meal. You can’t tell from the picture, but that was one seriously huge sweet potato! I was going to eat them separately, but the sauce and the sweet potato ended up being delicious when combined.


We enjoyed our late lunch with a Mendocino Imperial Barleywine.


This was a seriously tasty barleywine with a gorgeous golden brown color. It was very sweet and very strong. It tasted fruity…kind of like raisins!


We both really enjoyed our meals! This is Andy’s mmmmmsteak face.


Honestly? This was kind of fun. I might have to cook meat for him again. Maybe next time I won’t wear rubber gloves the whole time ;)


  1. the meal looks amazing! good for you taking on the steak challenge :) Happy Birthday, Andy!

  2. I love you. This is amazing. I still remember the day you stopped eating meat. I didn't think it'd last a week and here we are, 11 years later and you're wearing rubber gloves cooking a steak! Fabulous!

  3. Aw, that is so sweet that you cooked this delicious steak dinner for his birthday!

  4. Well I must say the steak was dope. The sauce added to its majesty. Thanks for the birthday wishes all.

  5. I can't beleve you wore gloves! Does this mean you will be making steaks for Brian and I when we visit??