Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Eventful Valentines Weekend

After much confusion all week long as to whether I was working the weekend or not (sometimes my workplace decides to operate throughout the weekend), I was relieved when I was told that I would not have to work. It’s hard to say goodbye to the overtime, but after being sick all week, I really needed the rest. To add even more to my recovery, Andy cooked my favorite dinner of his for me while I relaxed with a beer in hand and laptop on lap.

He made the most delicious fried rice with so many veggies. We drank a delicious crisp Riesling with our dinner, and just sat an talked for hours…it was great :)


He also surprised me with this beautiful Anthurium planter! I love it!


On Sunday, we met Kat and Tyler in the Strip District just to walk around and enjoy the beautiful weather we had! Andy and I got there a little bit early, and the smells of the hippie donut shop on Smallman (I forget the actual name!) lured us in. We seriously tried, but we couldn’t resist. We ordered six deeeelicious mini donuts to share with everyone. They were SO GOOD. I’m not typically a donut person, but the teeny size and the awesome toppings totally converted me!

Raspberry Lemonade (OMG), Smores, Samoa (like the Girl Scout cookie!), Oreo, M&M, and Heath Bar with raspberry icing. Heaven!!


Oh hellooooo lovah! This would be Roland's Seafood Grill's amazing Bloody Mary (with gin, extra spicy). Roland’s is located right in the middle of the Strip District. I had never been there before (it’s usually jam packed), but since we were there on a Sunday, we were able to be instantly sat. This Bloody Mary was GREAT! Strong, spicy, and filled with horseradish.


I also tried raw oysters for the first time!! I loved them! I think I loaded up too much on the horseradish though, because I couldn’t really taste anything but the horseradish on the second oyster. Now I can’t stop craving these little slippery guys…I need to find more!


Oyster face…yum.


I also had the Maryland Crab Chowder which was good, but not really great. It was kind of like they added crab to a can of tomatoes. Another negative aspect of our lunch was the server. Sadly, he was really awful. For a table ordering multiple courses of food and lots of drinks, he treated us pretty poorly. Other than the service and the soup though, I really liked Roland’s!


Andy ordered a lobster roll on Mancini’s bread, which he really enjoyed. Kat and Tyler also ordered soups (French Onion and N.E. Clam Chowder), and they also said they were both great.

Definitely try out Roland’s sometime, just be wary of the service!


To finish off our lovely weekend, we had a beer at the Church Brew Works. I had their Pepper Porter, which was phenomenal! It is brewed with black pepper, so it was spicy and full of so much flavor. I truly loved it. I hope it’s there next time!