Thursday, February 17, 2011

A New Beer

 After Andy’s delicious fried rice meal on Sunday, we deliberated over what to do/where to go for the rest of the night. Go downtown? Walk around Oakland? We finally, of course, settled on House of 1000 Beers. (If you live in the Pittsburgh area and you haven’t been, you must try it!) Always a delicious choice. Since our recent dinner was spicy and filling, I wanted to try something crisp, refreshing, lighter, and new. Andy suggested Stoudt's Pils. As a native eastern Pennsylvanian, I have sadly never tried Stoudt’s. (How???) Well, it ended up being a fantastic decision.


I’m usually not one to order a pilsner. I don’t really know why. I guess I just always view pilsners as ordinary. Stoudt’s Pils? Definitely not ordinary. I’m so happy I gave it a try. The color was a beautiful clear gold, and it tasted exactly like a true German pilsner. It had hints of lemon and a slight kick from the hops. It was crisp and nicely carbonated. This would be a perfect beer for a warm summer afternoon!


This is an uncomplicated, refreshing beer, and I definitely recommend giving it a try.

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  1. House of 1000 beers?! sounds right up my alley. fun times.