Friday, February 4, 2011

The Brew Kettle – Strongsville, OH

Aren’t weekends amazing? I spent last weekend in Cleveland with five (plus a baby) of my greatest friends. A visit to The Brew Kettle was one of the fantastic highlights of our weekend.

The Brew Kettle is a restaurant, bar, and brewery, and you can also make your own beer or wine there! The inside is very large. The picture below was just one side of the restaurant, which means it is great for large groups!


Their draft list is fantastic. There was so much to choose from, and I could have spent hours there sampling the different beers.

DSC00251  DSC00254

I finally settled on the New Holland Dragon’s Milk. This was a really great beer! The gentlemen of the table said it was too sweet, but I (who doesn’t normally like sweet beers) still thought it was tasty. It was fruity, chocolaty, and warm.


We took a peek in the back room, which is where people can brew their own beer. The air was rich with the smell of beer, and people sampled different beers as they learned about the brewing process. It looked like a lot of fun. Definitely a treat for locals though, unless you are able to return weeks later to retrieve your beer.


We waited quite a while for our food, but Tyler and Kat still looked happy!


So did Suzi, Sam, and Andy :)


The main star of the show slept soundly all during dinner…isn’t she beautiful? I’d probably be asleep too though if I was bundled up in layers of fleece!


The food was amazing – I ordered a sandwich which had one giant portobello mushroom, roasted red peppers, cheese, and basil mayo on a foccacia roll. It was as wonderful as it sounds. It also came with tangy coleslaw and perfectly steamed broccoli.


As you can tell, Andy really enjoyed his Buddha burger, which had two 1/2 pound patties. Huge.


We really had a fantastic weekend! Suzi and Sam are always such wonderful hosts (along with being wonderful friends)…and cuddling with a two month old all weekend wasn’t so bad either!


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  1. I need my friends to have more babies for me to hang out with....oh wait I have 2 friends babies coming my way in the spring! Jealous??!!

    We need to start thinking about brewing our own beer too.