Sunday, February 20, 2011

Smiling Banana Leaf!

It’s hard to pick, but I think Smiling Banana Leaf might be my favorite Thai restaurant in Pittsburgh. Or maybe it ties with Spice Island. Either way, this restaurant in Highland Park is excellent. The inside is super tiny. I’d say there are eight tables, tops. Since the last time I was there, they remodeled pretty extensively. There are new beautiful light fixtures, and wood benches with lovely pillows now line the perimeter of the room. The atmosphere is just so calm and relaxed, like they picked the color scheme out of someone’s heavy sleep. I’ve been here many times, but only for lunch. Usually there are only one or two other occupied tables, but according to online reviews, it sometimes gets very crowded. That must be for dinner I guess.


I may not look it, but I was truly happy to be there.


We started off with the vegetable spring rolls. Delicious. I let Mr. Imstaaaaarrving have three, ‘cause I’m an awesome girlfriend.


I ordered the Pumpkin Curry. SUCH a good decision. I have never had pumpkin curry, but I had heard good things. I asked for a 10 out of 10 on the spicy scale, but it was barely a 5. It really didn’t bother me though, because the flavors were so amazing. It was exactly what I needed. There was so much pumpkin and tofu in the dish, and everything just soaked up the curry sauce beautifully. If I wasn’t so unbelievably stuffed at the end, I could have eaten three more bowls.


I love the hefty amount of basil. Everything blended together perfectly. I was in heaven :)


Andy ordered the Red Curry with beef, and he was equally as happy as I was. His dish was also loaded with beef.

There was nothing negative about our lunch. Well, except for the spice thing, but it really wasn’t a problem. I love coming here – it’s a nice escape. Another plus is that it’s in Highland Park, so parking isn’t ever an issue. HP is also a sweet, quiet neighborhood to walk around in after you’ve stuffed yourself full of delicious food!


Try out Smiling Banana Leaf sometime if you’re in the mood for a quiet, relaxed, delicious meal!


  1. this looks like such an inviting place! cute pic of you.

  2. I should really get myself to Highland Park. And I am inspired to try some pumpkin curry next time I find myself in a Thai restaurant!

  3. I cant wait to try this place out : )