Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Past Two Weeks: A Summary.

The past two weeks have been filled with excitement, fun, and a new computer...which means I had some technological difficulties. But everything is finally sorted out!

So there was homecoming...

 Which included a walk around Wellsburg and the Apple Fest, breakfast with Andy,

 Kodak moments with my big, the (very sad) parade,

awkward boyfriend/big pictures, and general Bethany adorableness.

It was a blast, and it made me miss Bethany so much. I should have done the six year plan.

Then, back in the Burgh, Andy and I checked out the new Sharp Edge downtown, and it was amazing. Their menu (although we didn't try anything) is a lot nicer than the other locations, and the atmosphere is awesome. The only problem is that it's downtown and a PIA to get to and find a place to park. We went right after a Steeler's game, which they lost, so everyone was kinda sad. I was fine, personally, and enjoyed my Sly Fox IPA to the fullest!

Then we went to Fat Heads in the South Side. Going on Sunday was the best idea ever too. We could actually park across the street, and there was actually enough room in the bar to walk around a little bit. It was pretty much a miracle. We each tried a new beer, and they were soooo very tasty. Andy's was better - Juju Hops, brewed by Fat Heads.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but at this point I was more concerned with these delicious seitan wings than the picture quality. These were from the Double Wide a couple of blocks down, and they totally win second place (next to Fat Heads) for food on the South Side. They're always cooked crispy and spicy! Yummy!!!

In recent food news, I found the most wonderful thing at the Giant Eagle/Market District last week! It had wayyyy too much packaging, but I got over it pretty quickly. So, in one box you get eight mini toasts, creme fraiche (is that how it's spelled?), a LOT of smoked salmon, a few capers, a knife, and a napkin. AWESOME!!! I sat there in silence and pure bliss with my awesome snack and a soy chai latte. It was amazing.

Is this gross? Sorry...but I wanted to get a close up and I couldn't resist a bite first.

For breakfast the other day, I made an awesome feast. I whisked two eggs with hot sauce, soy sauce, S&P, garlic powder, and chipotle seasoning. Yum! Then I sauteed a quarter of a green pepper and some veggie bacon. Breakfast of champions.

Then there was a stir fry. I used the rest of the fried rice ingredients, just without the rice. It was heavenly...and very filling :)

That's all for now, friends. I'll be back soon with my latest roasted veggies experience!

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  1. hahahaha love the awkward boyfriend/big pic... and good to see you're still enjoying those human dog treats.