Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This past weekend was nuts. I took the Megabus home to Harrisburg, which proved to be a good decision. For $19, I got to sleep for 3 hours as opposed to drive (I abhor driving on the turnpike), I avoided paying for the outrageous turnpike tolls and gas, and I didn't have to encounter the grossness of the Greyhound. While I do enjoy Amtrak, it costs more than three times more than the Megabus and takes two hours longer. It is definitely the most relaxing and romantic choice of the three though.
Andy dropped me off downtown, where I had three hours to kill.
I headed to the Penn City Grille in the Westin Hotel for breakfast. The Westin hotel is a part of the convention center, which is where the Megabus stop is. Convenient!
The mood was calm and relaxing, and I had some tea (bar was closed...lame) while I waited for my...

...eight dollar bowl of oatmeal. A little excessive, no? I mean it was good, but not that good. Come on PCG, we're in Pittsburgh, not NYC.
Anyway, it had cooked apples, walnuts, and honey. I added milk too.

I hung out in the lobby for an hour or so and watched an episode of Hoarders. So gross.
Then I headed to the bus stop, which was clearly marked by the little Megabus sign and 30 or so Pitt freshmen with Vera Bradley duffels and North Faces.

The ride ended up being slightly crowded, slightly uncomfortable, but overall fine...and I slept the whole way anyway.
When I got to Harrisburg, my mom and I went to Al's of Hampden where we had awesome stuffed veggie pizza, a Troegs Hopback on cask, a Widmer Bros. Deadlift, and a Jolly Pumpkin Nightmare Before Vicious Sour Wheat IPA on cask...and I was so into the whole thing that I didn't take any pictures.
Al's is awesome. Their food is delicious and they have an excellent draft selection that they constantly change.
Then I filled the rest of the day cuddling with Maggie and Wyatt! They're so adorable!

Then my mom drove me back to Pittsburgh on Saturday, where we indulged in a sushi feast at Ichiban at the Waterworks.
We started off with a Chard-tini for my mom (chardonnay, Absolut, peach schnapps, and a splash of 7-up), and a Sake-tini for me (Sake and Gin with cucumber strips).

They brought us miso soup and a salad with that awesome ginger dressing, and then...
Sushi for two!!
16 pieces of sushi (salmon, tuna, and then I have no idea what the rest was), an Alaskan roll, and a CA roll. It was so delicious and filling.

I have been to the location in Robinson, but never this one...which happens to be 5 minutes from my apartment. I can't wait to go back!

I'm filling the rest of this evening with pretzels and sriracha sauce...the perfect evening snack. Happy almost hump day! :)


  1. Whenever I go to NYC from Boston, I always take the Bolt Bus. It is so cheap, so convenient and it has free wireless!

  2. the scent of that oatmeal just wafted off the screen (I'm serious, that is what happens when it looks that amazing and costs that much.) The sake-tini is right up my alley - love the cucumber strip garnishes.

  3. Those cucumber strips were so good too after a long bath in the booze...yum!

    I wish Pitt had the Bolt Bus...I've heard it's great.

  4. I shiver at the thought of the show Hoarders. I can't bring myself to watch it. "...with Vera Bradley duffels and North Faces." HAHAHAHA lmao I literally laughed for about two solid minutes after reading that sentence.