Monday, September 27, 2010

Why This Week is Awesome. A List.

1) Andy came over yesterday and made fried rice. The best. OMG. Veggies, tofu, bamboo shoots, habaneros, Thai chilis...amazing.

2) He knew that I was having a bad day (the whole 12 hour shifts on the weekend were getting to me) and surprised me with chocolate, Almond Joy, and Sour Patch Kids! My favorite!

3) I fell asleep during half time of the Steeler's game, and when I woke up, all of the dishes were done. Aw!

4) Lisa is coming over tomorrow morning!!!

5) A good friend is moving to Pittsburgh on Wednesday, and I get to see her on Thursday! Yay!

6) HOMECOMING IS THIS WEEKEND! Better than Christmas, better than delicious craft brewed beers, homecoming. This weekend. Good friends, blue skies (hopefully), lots of cheap beer.

7) Four day weekend. Oh yeah.

8) Most likely buying a new laptop this week/weekend. My screen is currently orange in the corners. It also turns completely purple if you tilt the screen back farther than about 50 degrees. Annoying. 

If there are any other awesome things about this week, I'll let you know. In the meantime, I'm going to bed.

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