Friday, October 22, 2010

So I'm sitting in a hotel...

...waiting to board the megabus.

This is all pretty funny to me. The good thing is, downtown Pittsburgh has an excellent Verizon connection! Awesome. Maybe I'll even watch some netflix while I'm here.

So...where was I? The other day, my "little" and I tried out a couple new beers. I had the Flying Dog's Double Dog Double IPA and DFH's Palo Santo Marron. They were both totally amazing. The DFH was very strong which made it a little less "drinkable," but still was quite tasty. The Double Dog was the perfect blend of a very hoppy IPA with a rich amber thickness to it.
My little had Magic Hat's Circus Boy Hefeweizen, and DFH Raison D'Etre. Yum.

A couple days ago I roasted the rest of my pizza toppings for dinner. I just drizzled olive oil on top and sprinkled on salt and pepper.

Roasted at 375 (I think?) for 20 minutes (maybe?) or until it looked tasty.

Pretty! ...and all for me! :)

So now I'm sitting in this hotel restaurant looking like a complete dork with my jeans, sneakers, and giant Jansport. At least the laptop makes me look professional. The waiter asked me which company I was with, so I told him the company I worked for, and he said, "ohhh the smart people." Uhhh...okay if you say so! Then he gave me an extra tea bag so I can "take upstairs for an extra nibble later." This is all too weird.

Happy weekend everyone! What are your plans?

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