Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Even though I feasted on sushi this past weekend with my mom, my craving was still not filled. So I headed to Giant Eagle. First, three words about grocery store sushi: I love it. Gross? I don't care. There's usually a guy there making it fresh daily, and I've never had a bad experience with it. Sure, it tastes a little...refrigerated...but whatevs. Back home in Harrisburg, we have Wegmans, and their sushi is incredible. I would almost rather go there sometimes than regular sushi restaurants.
So, I went to the Giant Eagle Express in Harmar in search of some raw delights...aaaand I went a little crazy.
First, the dragon roll (salmon, cukes, avocado, white sauce, spicy sauce, and tempura batter). Delicious. I've had it before and it's always tasty. Plus I like the excessive amounts of avocado.
Usually I'm fine with just the dragon, but I was feeling...hungry? Adventurous?
I found this magical combo platter that had one or two pieces of seemingly everything.

I even went for some edamame. 

I started with the combo plate. It was totally delicious, full of variety, and extremely fresh, but afterward I couldn't even make it through the dragon roll :(
I felt defeated and unworthy of the refrigerated fish. Leftover sushi totally creeps me out, so I had to throw some away. Does anyone else throw out leftover sushi? I don't want to waste it, but the thought of it sitting there for any longer makes me feel ill.

When I was finally hungry again this morning, I made everything better by having nutella toast and veggie bacon. Lisa thinks they taste like dog's kind of true. Human beggin strips.
Doesn't it look like the Frownie from King's?
Luckily, I only have one more night of the midnight shift this week. Friday I work regular hours due to our yearly inventory, so I'm gettin my happy hour on with some friends! Okay...friend. Okay....maybe by myself then meeting up with a friend later :)
Either way it will be awesome.


  1. I always want to order so much sushi but my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach. I will keep leftover sushi for one day tops and then toss it.

  2. wow... a link to my blog on Kelly's semi-soon-to-be famous food blog... I am honored! Oh, and I went out for sushi last Friday and I had California something or other, but Sook got the Dragon thingy and I had some - excellent. It never looks like that much food, but then you're all of a sudden unbuttoning your jeans and leaning back in your chair to try to finish it.