Saturday, September 25, 2010

12 hours.

I'm pulling my hair out. My marbles have been lost. 24 hours is just too long for someone to addition to her 40 hour week.
Occasionally I have to work a weekend. This happens about one weekend a month, on average. I can't decide whether to like it or despise it.

Pros: Overtime. Double time on Sunday. 24 hours. Sweet paycheck.
         Time to think about life, do word puzzles, read new books.
Cons: No life. No boyfriend. Stuck in a lab the whole weekend.
         Unable to ever make plans. I end up missing baby showers, get-togethers, etc. LAME.

So I have decided, I hate it. I am over the "pros." I am 23 with very few responsibilities. I have no reason to want to work the weekend. Is it so terrible that I want to cling to the last of my precious youth and actually engage in activities with my friends on the weekend? Is it awful that I'd rather see my boyfriend who lives 30 miles away than be confined in a lab all weekend where my only human interaction is with AARP members? (Sorry parents)
Well anyway, because I am working the weekend, I decided to treat myself to some tasty snacks throughout my workday.
2:49 AM - a cup of chamomile/honey tea, one cranberry raspberry fruit bar
5:59 AM - Raspberry Chobani yogurt mixed with blueberry/flax granola
8:32 AM - Annie Chun's Miso Soup

It was a food-happy night.

On another happy note, Andy is coming over tomorrow afternoon to make me veggie fried rice! I can't wait!

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