Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things you didn't know.

* I'm not wearing pants right now. You can typically expect this anywhere from 7:08 AM until... whenever I leave my apartment. One of my favorite things to do is to tell my mom on the phone that I'm pants-less. I can't tell if she's amused, proud, or worried.

* There are two guys at work that screw on my sample jar lids SO TIGHT and it really makes me mad. Sometimes I get so peeved that I have to step back and take some deep breathes. Sad, I know. But really, why screw it on so tight? Look at my hands! They're small and incapable of doing large man hand tasks! Especially in the middle of the night.

* I live less than a mile from a Sheetz, but I rarely go there. Isn't that odd? I thought when I moved here I would spend many hours of my life there...spending lots of money and consuming lots of terrible (but delicious) food.

* I'm having a love affair with soups. I guess it's the cool weather. I'll tell you more later.

* I bought a butternut squash two days go, and I have no idea what to do with it. I thought about ravioli, but that's a little too labor intensive for a nocturnal individual. Maybe I'll just roast it and mix in in with spaghetti and some cream or something...hmmm...

* Homecoming is taking over my every thought. I can't stop thinking about blue sky, crisp and cool WV air, wearing fall-appropriate clothing, eating cheese cubes with a full solo cup in hand in the middle of a giant parking lot surrounded by gazebo tents and hundreds of stumbling BC alumni. Ahh :) Oh...and there's the football game...yeah whatever.

* When I was back home over Labor Day, Andy and I went to see fireworks with Brie. Within the first few minutes she looked at my hemp and yarn-clad wrists and said with a frown, "Kelly, are those camp bracelets?" I laughed shamefully and said, "you really know me too well." She really does. She was there when my 6th grade gym teacher said I was absolutely not allowed to wear my purple, green, and black string necklace in class anymore. Brie snipped my necklace as I tearfully held on to the string and transferred it to my ankle. It stayed there for at least another year. When it finally disintegrated and fell off, I hung it on my bulletin board. Weird? Yes.

* There are approximately 130 ridges on a ridged paper clip. You know, the ones with the little divots all the way around? Why are they even there? Do they provide extra grip on the paper?

* I think I found recipes for my butternut squash.  Warm butternut squash and chickpea salad, and squash and chickpea Moroccan stew. Ohhhhh yeah. I think I'll make both.

* I miss Boston. This is thanks to Lisa texting me frequently about her ridiculous Bostonian adventures.

* Speaking of the northeast, I am currently enjoying a Whale's Tale Pale Ale from Cisco Brewers in Nantucket. The label is really cool.

* I've been running almost every day. I'll give you a minute to pick yourself up from the floor...
...yes. Running. I'm almost enjoying it too. Andy says my times are "actually pretty good!" He's too sweet.

Goodbye for now. Enjoy your day.


  1. You're funny. I can't picture you running. I'm glad you enjoy my adventures in texts. I want to go to Nantucket. I hate wearing pants too. Remember that party we had on the night of my graduation? hahaha