Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Salad.

For my first meal in my new apartment last night, I made a mango and avocado salad! I've seen recipes with herbs and salt and what not, but my cupboards are bare. MY salad just used three ingredients.
I tried peeling the mango with a peeler, but after I got this far, it got so messy and juicy that I just started digging at the mango with a knife. worked.

My avocado had those brown specks in parts of it, but I ate it anyway. Is that bad? MOM AM I GOING TO DIE???

I sliced a grid pattern in the half and then popped the pieces out with my thumb.

I couldn't get the damn pit out of the other half, so I just peeled it and made cubes from the outside instead.

Yay! So, the mango pieces are definitely not uniform. How the hell are you supposed to slice a mango anyway? It's so hard!

I also squeezed lime juice over it.

Side note: My soap smells's Black Amethyst. Dad, I promise if you visit that I'll hide this soap and buy some boring non-scented crappy mccrap soap. 

I forgot that I don't have silverware either, so I took a fork from my work stash in my car. And there you have it! My very first new-apartment-meal! (It tasted a lot better than it looks).

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  1. Don't worry, you won't die, you may have awful cramps and have to lay in bed for several weeks, but no death. Even if you do die you have parents with connections to good hospice care. Salad looks yummmo.