Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How does one get red wax out of everything one owns?
a) stick everything you own in the freezer and hope you can flake it off
b) use your imaginary iron and a damp towel to iron it all out of everything you own
c) throw everything you own away
d) don't be a huge MORON and leave three huge red pillar candles on top of everything you own in your car while you take a ten hour nap on a hot humid day before moving it all inside

Yes, really.

Now here are some pictures that will bring us all away from the stress back into the beer drinking glory of my weekend.
Here we have a Green Flash West Coast IPA. The hoppiest beer in town. Makes you burp Christmas trees. Delicious.

This is an Arrogant Bastard Ale. Heaven.

And your classic Sapporo. Very refreshing. Andy and I were alone in a sushi bar at 10PM when we drank it. We watched the dudes make sushi and then the chef gave us a complimentary appetizer. Score!

Now excuse me while I go scrape red floral-scented wax off of my hand weights.

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