Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I hope you all two had a very nice weekend :)
Here are the exciting events of my weekend!
First of all, the results of the poll! The shower curtain won by a landslide. Geez you people two are lame. They were on sale at Kmart, and they had light lavender! Woohoo! I also got hooks instead of those stupid plastic rings, and I am now the happiest person in the entire world.
I also got a 12 piece silverware set for $8, but unfortunately that was the last set. So...I can easily entertain four friends. Anyone else has to bring their own fork.
Now the good stuff...the six pack store near me has Yuengling Porter! MMMMMM!!! I've never seen it anywhere else, so I'm pretty pumped.

The shower curtain is up! I still need a liner though. Kmart was selling them for $5. Pssshhhhttt. Yeah right. Dollar store liners work just fine.

Then Andy came over! Due to the overwhelming response to the pasta with artichokes recipe, we went with it. Amazing was so awesome.
So I got to sit back and enjoy a cold luxurious porter (oh yeah, and obnoxiously stick my camera phone in his face) while Andy cooked! Good deal!

The sauce is done! I don't know exactly what he did, but it was so freakin good. We bought fire roasted diced tomatoes, so I think it gave it a nice smoky taste.

The finished product! He also made garlic bread with sourdough bread, fresh garlic, olive oil, and sharp cheddar. I'm sobbing just thinking about it.

And a nice sunset at the end of the evening!

On Saturday, we discovered the Oakmont Bakery. Oakmont is a fancy shmancy town across the river from Springdale. It's where the Women's US Open was held a couple weeks ago.
This bakery was heaven. Pure joy, peace, happiness, love. For each type of cake they had, they also had one of these mini cakes that they sold for $4.75. Then, they sold a cupcake version of the cake for $1!! This carrot cake was so rich, creamy, moist, FREAKIN AMAZING, that the few bites off the end was all we could do. (Mind you, this is right after Andy ate a cookie sandwich in 0.7 seconds, so really I'm the dainty "oh please I'm stuffed!" one in this situation. Thank you.)
The other pretty little gal is an almond torte. Andy bought it for his mom (awwwwwww) but luckily she shared when we took it to her. It probably helped that I was hovering over the box with slobber seeping from my mouth.
"um...Kelly would you like some of the almond torte?"
" what? umm....well...I mean, YES PLEASE GIVE ME A PIECE NOW!!!!!"
Sugar coated roasted almond slivers, creamy frosting, moist vanilla almond cake, perfect yellow custard. Solitary tear running down cheek.

Then it was Sunday...ugh.
Thanks to Andy's dad, we had a truck to move my furniture...and thanks to Andy's years of boy scouts we had...knots.

Knots, cargo straps, strategy...

BOYSCOUT DOWN!! BOYSCOUT DOWN!! Oh what's that? You're making more knots? K good...I was just gonna stand here snapping pictures anyway.

But we made it...lots of sweat, but luckily no blood or tears.
Oh hi Andy!! Oh, there's still stuff to carry up? I was just gonna take one more picture of you carrying you need my help? What's that? No? Oh come on, are you SURE?? I mean, I'm really good at carrying stu...oh you're already at the door? Oh...heh...hey look we're all done!

View from my balcony which now has a chair!

Phew! All where did that Yuengling go?

Furniture placement pictures coming soon!


  1. Looks like you lived through the meal and the move. Andy is like a real life survivalist.

  2. Dude, I like how you put up a vote for what you should get and then got all 3 things that were in the vote anyway all at once. Andy deserves great prase for moving you. When you guys come visit I shall take him to GrampaGrowlers again where he feel comfortable and force feed him a ton of food/beer. -Em