Friday, July 16, 2010


Oh wait, that should say "Yesterday." Oh well...pretend this all happened today. you can see I bought some CHOCOLATE Cheerios and Nutrigrain bars at the store. Sweet. Now I'll have snacks at work! Haven't tried the Cheerios yet.

I also had another apple/almond butter/herbed chevre snack "today." Tasty as always.

Got some more containers and ziplock baggies.

I got these diced tomatoes at TJ's the other day...turns out if you DON'T have salt in your apartment, it's a bad idea to buy no salt added diced tomatoes. Oops. 
Maybe I showed you these already. If so, my bad. 
This tends to happen to me with Andy a lot. It goes a little something like this: "OMG ANDY!!! The funniest thing happened at work today! This one guy did this one thing and OMG HAHAHA IT WAS TOO FUNNY!"
"Oh yeah...haha...remember you said that last night?"
Or sometimes it's a little more...hurtful...
"OMG ANDY!!! I had the BEST time at this one place the other night! It was SOOO cool and the people were GREAT and the food was AWESOME!!!!"
"yeah...heh...remember I was there too?"
Maybe I should have gotten ginko biloba instead of tomatoes. I'm sure you understand Mom.

I tried to find a lavender and/or silver basket for all of my bathroom items, but DG only had crap. This brown one was nice though, but it won't go with my theme! Grr!!!

So then...I made pasta (shocking) for dinner with a tomato/goat cheese sauce I saw Pioneer Woman make one time. I'm sure mine was much different as there are only 5-8 items in my cupboard currently, but it was still quite delicious.

This is what I used for the sauce. The bread crumbs totally rocked. Due to my saltless kitchen, I just dumped a ton of Slap Ya Mama in.

See? YUMMY!!! That is whole grain angel hair, although it kinda looks like spaghetti. You can totally taste the goat cheese in the sauce too!

Soon I will post the "poll purchase/s" and the results of Andy's dinner!

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  1. Salt free... yukko. I think the salt company and salt free people are in cahoots with each other. You probably end up using more salt than what is in the regular stuff.