Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother’s Day Weekend Part II!

 If you missed part one, my mom came to visit me for Mother’s Day weekend, and we had a blast! The second part of our weekend was just as great as the first. Early Saturday morning, we ventured down to the strip district. We weren’t going to get an actual sit-down breakfast, but we couldn’t resist Pamela’s. I had never been there before, and since we were so early, there were barely any people there! Usually there’s a huge line out the door, so we really lucked out.


I ordered a bagel and a fruit bowl, which had fresh strawberries and an entire sliced banana. A far cry from your typical grapes and hard melon fruit bowl from a diner!


My mom ordered crepes, eggs, and chorizo (which was burned and the waitress replaced), but we ended up splitting everything. We put the fruit on the crepes, and it was divine! There’s definitely a reason why they call their crepes “famous.”


In terms of breakfast in the strip district, Pamela’s definitely wins. Our service was so fast that it was almost unbelievable. I really like how they gave us carafes of coffee. We were never without a sip of piping hot coffee! Sorry DeLuca’s, but I’ve found a new favorite.


After wandering around, stocking up on spices, and sampling East End Beer, we made our way to D's Six Pack & Dogs in Regent Square/Swissvale. My mom has been to Roy Pitz brewery and really enjoys their beer, so we were really excited when we saw their Honest Amber Ale on tap!


Definitely a winner! This beer was very delicious, and exactly like the description says. This is definitely a crowd pleaser – not too dark, not too hoppy, and extremely tasty – I would seriously be surprised if I found a beer drinker that didn’t like this beer!




We ordered red pepper hummus, which came with these tasty pita crackers. We also got a side of their hot wing sauce. What great flavors! Their hummus is delicious.


We sat there for quite a while and eventually decided to split a hot dog. This is the veggie dog version of the Red Alert. It is dusted with habanero powder and covered in a variety of hot peppers. This will seriously make you sweat! It was SO spicy! The soft poppy seed bun offered a little bit of relief, and we of course had our beers to cool our taste buds down a bit. I love when restaurants are serious about their spiciness. When they say hot, they mean hot!


Our next beer stop was close to home, at Allegheny Six Pack and Dog House. Don’t you love their classy glassware?



For breakfast on Sunday morning, we went to the wonderful Oakmont Bakery. We both had breakfast sandwiches with egg and horseradish cheddar cheese. I had a hot pepper bagel, and my mom went with the onion bagel. Nothing better than this!


We clearly couldn’t leave without something sweet, so we got and almond and a pistachio macaron. OMG. So amazing. The almond one looks a little sad because I crushed the bottom with my thumb before I took the picture – oops! I didn’t realize how fragile they would be! I fell in love, and I’ll certainly be back to get these beauties again.


  Phew! What a weekend! We really had a lot of fun.

Thanks Mom! Love you!!


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fantastic food last weekend!

  2. You must have a WONDERFUL mother. Love, Mom