Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother’s Day Weekend Extravaganza Part I!

My mom drove to Pittsburgh this weekend for Mother’s Day, and we had a REALLY fun weekend! To start off the weekend, we went to Ichiban in the Waterworks for sushi. It was excellent, as always. Their sushi is great, plus the atmosphere is warm and relaxing. It’s also the closest sushi place to me, so it all just works out :)


They brought us our miso soup and salad almost instantly after ordering, which was great. We were both starving.


Up next were our amazing drinks…same thing we order every time. I got the Sake-tini (gin, sake, and cucumber strips), and mom got the Chard-tini (chardonnay, vodka, peach schnapps). They’re both fabulous and dangerously delicious.


We ordered Age Tofu as an appetizer – silken tofu coated in what seemed like rice crumbs…not exactly sure, but they were SO good. Definitely ordering these again.


Then our giant plate of sushi showed up…awesome! Each piece was buttery, fresh, and perfect. It must have taken us an hour to eat everything, because we spent so long mmmmmming and omgthisissoooogooding. This is the “sushi for two” but can definitely be sushi for three! We were so stuffed by the end.




After a couple gin and tonics at Oakmont Tavern, we came back to my apartment for dessert made by my wonderful friend Brie. She makes beautiful and delicious cakes, and I ordered one for my mom for Mother’s Day – so pretty!


It was a lemon cake with strawberry filling. Soooo freakin tasty!!! Thanks Brie! :)


More on our weekend later!


  1. those martinis and sushi look so good.

  2. The cake was seriously delicious! I want Primantis now. Please???

  3. Yay for cake! Thanks for posting a picture of it!

  4. It was a wonderful weekend! Love, Mom