Monday, January 17, 2011

Dim Sum at the Golden Palace

Who knew that a fun-filled weekend could be so relaxing?
My mom and sister visited me this weekend, and even though we fit a lot of things in, it still seemed pretty laid back! We saw the Andy Warhol museum, walked around the city for a bit, hit up Trader Joe’s, drank lots of wine, napped a lot, and ate a lot. 
 I’d say the highlight of our food adventures was definitely Saturday Dim Sum at the Golden Palace in Robinson. The Golden Palace is located on Route 60/Steubenville Pike in between Robinson and Crafton. It is well worth any drive to get here. The exterior is admittedly not beautiful, but with no English on the sign, it’s got to be good!
 The inside is spacious and comfortable. It wasn’t too busy when we got there, but it soon started to pick up. Two women served the hungry guests with the carts, and they quickly came to our table.
Delicious!! Clockwise starting from the top: shrimp and vegetable dumpling, steamed pork bean curd rolls, custard buns, pork and vegetable dumplings, BBQ pork buns, and shrimp dumplings. Everything was so fresh and delicious. I didn’t try the pork stuff, but my Dim Sum companions said they were great. The shrimp dumplings were amazing…chewy outside and wonderful steaming hot savory inside. 
 Our endless pot of Jasmine tea was perfect for all of the food we were eating! It was flowery and freshly steeped. You can also see the wonderful hot “sauce” which was red peppers minced in oil. It was great when mixed with the dim sum sauce.
 These turnip cakes were definitely my favorite. Savory, not sweet, with a crispy outside and pillowy soft inside. They were almost like fried cornmeal mush, only with that awesome root vegetable flavor. I could easily eat just these as a meal…maybe with some steamed greens. They were just too good!
 She came around again for the third time with more tempting treats that we just couldn’t say no to. Bean curd sheet rolls with shrimp, egg custard tarts, and sesame balls. The shrimp rolls were very fresh and steaming hot, and the bean curd wrapper was almost like filo dough. The tarts are just fantastic and definitely one of my favorite Chinese deserts, and the sesame balls were amazing too. They were very hot, which made them sooo gooey, doughy, and delicious. I could easily eat one every day without every getting sick of them!
I highly recommend the Golden Palace if you want to try something different from the typical Chinese restaurant. I honestly have nothing negative to say about our experience there. Definitely try out their Dim Sum…especially on Saturdays when they have the carts!!


  1. I love dim sum and don't do it nearly enough. Those turnip cakes look seriously delicious!

  2. This dim sum place was so tasty. I cant wait to go there again with you! I'd say we need to try to make some of this stuff but I would be afraid of us making a huge mess haha, well maybe the turnip cakes would be easey ; )

  3. glad you had such a great time with you mom and your sister. your pictures are amazing. I would love to experience dim sum someday.

  4. This is all too much! You have a blog??? Anyway, we have great dim sum in New Zealand, too. The do some with veggies inside, like spinach, that I really like. They do the turnip cake dish with taro here, a polynesian root vegetable that seems to taste pretty much the same. The turnip might be a little stronger tasting. I like that, too!