Friday, January 7, 2011

Dasonii Korean Bistro and a New Beer

Yesterday, Kat and I tried out Dasonii Korean Bistro, a new Korean restaurant in Robinson. I've been wanting to go there for a while, and I was super excited that we finally made plans to go. From the outside, it looks like a simple strip mall restaurant, but I was pleasantly surprised to find something completely different on the inside. The atmosphere is warm and inviting with dark hardwood floors and slight metallic accents. The lighting is low, but the large windows add plenty of natural lighting. There are many tables and booths, plus a little sushi bar that seats about four.
When we sat down, we were given complimentary hot tea, which was light and perfect.
We glanced over the menu, but we knew that we really wanted sushi. During lunch, they offer a $10 sushi special, which includes three plates of sushi and rolls. They call it "all you can eat," but it really isn't, which is a good thing. Now, before you start gagging at the thought of cheap sushi, you must realize that this is a nice restaurant and not a buffet. Plus, the sushi chef is prepares the sushi when you order it. Am I making excuses for the fact that I ordered all you can eat sushi? Maybe. 

Okay, to be fair, this wasn't the freshest sushi I had ever had, but it was still good. The first plate had salmon, tuna, a California roll, and an unknown white fish.
This was good! Kat said her white fish tasted a little fishy, but mine seemed fine. Not the freshest, but fine. 

The second plate had tuna, shrimp, octopus, and a salmon roll. At this point, we were starting to get full and thought that it would have been better to split the order if possible. This was my first time trying octopus, and I'm sad to say it really wasn't my thing. Maybe if I wasn't getting full I would have liked it better. I didn't mind the first piece, but the second seemed too chewy. Anyone else have octopus issues?
After our second plate, we were done. I guess three plates of sushi is just too much.  

As the wait staff periodically brought out the food for the other tables, and we decided that next time we are definitely ordering from the regular menu. Everything looked so good...especially the giant bowls of noodle soup! And who doesn't like the wonderful variety of Korean side dishes?

After lunch, we went to the Market District in Robinson for a drink and dessert. After wandering around and trying samples of cheese, we each picked out a beer. I chose the Sam Smith Winter Welcome, and Kat went with the Sam Smith Organic Cider. I guess this technically wasn't a new beer for me, but the last time I had it, it was at a beer tasting, so I kind of forgot what it was like.
This winter warmer was delightful. At 6% alcohol, it wasn't to strong for an afternoon 
drink :) and it went perfect with my dessert. It was surprisingly light in color, and it tasted caramely with just a little bit of spice.
It has an average of a B rating on Beer Advocate.

Dessert was chocolate hazelnut whipped cream with berries, coconut, and almonds. I don't think I'll ever leave the Market District without making myself one of these again. The whipped cream was ridiculously delicious, and the berries were fresh and juicy. The coconut and almonds provided some tasty texture.

It was nice sitting in the quiet upstairs seating area watching the slow movement of shoppers making their decisions.

Thank you Market District for once again providing me with delicious food and a tasty new beer.


  1. I'm jealous. I should move to Pittsburgh so I can hang out with you and become a regular in your blog.