Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Beer Tuesday

First of all, it's definitely almost Christmas! My tree has been warming up my living room for the past few days, and I absolutely love it. Thanks to Andy for being an awesome ornament/garland hanger.

The tree topper is a little beaded bird. The skirt is a silk button-down shirt that I bought at Goodwill and never wore.

This week, my new beer to try was Harpoon Island Creek Oyster Stout.
I was pretty nervous to try this! I like oysters, and I like stout, but would I like them together?
I loved the bottle. I thought the gold foil was neat, and I liked the antique-ish, classic look to the label. The foil is now a hat for my butternut squash. 

 Andy and I drink our shared beers out of wine glasses :) I only have one real beer glass, and this is more fun anyway!
So, this gets an average of B+ on Beer Advocate. I love reading the reviews...some people are SO descriptive and can seriously write three full, wordy paragraphs on one beer! To the people who said they caught hints of "brininess": you're crazy! I definitely didn't get any oyster taste at all. Maybe each batch is slightly different, and maybe my senses aren't that sensitive. I really liked this beer though. It was easy to drink, slightly chocolaty...although something which I wouldn't spend $10 per pint on a regular basis.
 We drank this when it was very cold, and that might not have been the best idea. Maybe if it was warmer we could have tasted more of the oysters. I would also really like to try this on tap. I think it would give it a different flavor.

Well, have you tried this beer? Let me know, and tell me your thoughts!