Tuesday, December 7, 2010

As usual, my weekend was fun and relaxing.
I started off the weekend by meeting Kat at the Sharp Edge for happy hour. Their specials are half priced Belgian drafts and $1 off craft drafts.
I had an Over the Edge, which is their IPA...made in Belgium and then shipped to their five restaurants.

The bleu cheese and Horseradish stuffed portobello looked amazing, but I already ate :(

I also had a Victory Yakima Glory. I loved it!! It's their winter seasonal beer.

On Saturday, Andy and I drove to Station Square and rode the Monongahela Incline to Mt. Washington. I had embarrassingly never been before, but my first ride on the incline was great!

The view is fabulous!

Andy standing on the edge of a steep slope. I wasn't nervous or anything...

After walking around Mt. Washington for a while, we headed back down to Station Square. We walked to Bar Louie. I realize it's a big chain, but I've always really liked it. There's another location at the Waterfront, which is where my coworkers and I went after work quite often when I worked down there.
I had the most amazing Bloody Mary with Tangueray. They added celery, lemon, lime, a bleu cheese stuffed olive, a pickle, salami, a pepperoncini, and a piece of provolone. FINALLY! A Bloody Mary in Pittsburgh that is properly garnished! I was in love. The one I had at Piper's Pub was nicely garnished too, but this totally wins.

This Bar Louie was huge. The area we were sitting in was gigantic, but there was a hallway that connected to the other side of the restaurant that was the same size. Huge!

We weren't done with our views of the city, so Andy and I drove to the West End overlook. It was ridiculously cold and windy, but it gave us another fantastic view of the city! If you google "West End overlook" you'll get much better pictures than mine :)
Literally adjacent to the park was a little house for rent. In its backyard was a large elevated deck, which would have gave this same view. Could you imagine seeing this every day? Could you imagine the parties??! If I wasn't in the middle of a lease, I'd be all over that.

If you're looking for a fun, inexpensive way to spend your day in Pittsburgh, definitely check these places out!


  1. This may sound a little narsicistic, but I like the photos of me and us at the Mt Washington overlook. I am glad you had fun at your blogger meet up tonight!