Monday, March 7, 2011

Enrico’s Tazza D’oro

I met up with my friend Kat for Thai this afternoon. After a few days of cruddy weather, this gorgeous sunny day was a wonderful change! The skies were blue and the air seemed almost warm, so after lunch we headed to Highland Park to walk around for a bit. I’d seen Tazza D'oro around the internet quite a lot – apparently they have extremely talented baristas! We headed in for a warm drink, looking forward to this talent.

tazzadoroexterior source

The atmosphere was warm and cozy with beautiful handmade pottery lining the walls. There were students and professionals busy tapping away at their laptops while sipping coffee and refilling it from large personal pots. Aside from coffee and espresso, they offer a menu filled with delicious-looking food all from local sources. Tazza D’oro was already a winner, and I hadn’t even ordered my drink yet!


I ended up with a chai latte – and then stared at it for a few minutes! So beautiful! I was way to full from lunch to try any of their menu items, but everything sounded great. A counter full of pastries and desserts also looked amazing, but it just wasn’t happening. The chai latte was amazing though. It was served at the perfect temperature and was just so delicious.

IMAG0901 A delicious ending to a beautiful day!

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